Church Center
398 County Rd 513
Califon, NJ 07830

(908) 832-2513

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
9am to 5pm

Neumann Residence
390 County Rd 513
Califon, NJ 07830

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Radio Interview Tempus with John Cole - Fr Abraham, May 7, 2014 here.







We are a "jubilant people on a continuing spiritual journey of hope”
we invite you to join us.

Weekend Liturgy at the Church Center

Saturday 5:30 pm
Sunday 8:00 am, 10:30 am

Weekday Liturgy at the Neumann Residence

Tuesday 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am
Friday 7:00 am

Annual Tag & Book Sale
September 19 & 20

Fall Into Faith 2014
Beginning the week of October 6th

Array of Hope
October 17, 2014 at 7p.m. at Immaculate Conception in Annandale

Array of Hope is an entertaining spiritual experience! The concert features musical acts, motivational speakers and thought provoking film presentation designed to bring Christ's message of faith, hope and love to the audience. Tickets are $10 per person: $40.00 per family max.


Saturday 5:00 - 5:20 pm in the Church Center or

by appointment, call 908-832-2513

Rev. Abraham Orapankal

Earl Roberts

Rev. J William Mickiewicz
Pastor Emeritus

Mary Connolly
Lyle Garcia

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