The Catholic Community  of St. John Neumann
A Christian Church of the Catholic Tradition
Califon, NJ

All parishioners are invited to become a St. John’s Prayer Minister.  Prayer Ministers are called to be mindful of the prayer intentions of our parish community in their prayer life.  This is a calling that is available to everyone: the young, senior citizens, those with busy lives, and anyone who is looking for a way to serve the parish community in a prayerful way.
Possible Ways in Which a Prayer Minister Can Be Mindful of the Prayer Intentions of Our Parish Community

A Prayer Minister prays for those who have been recommended to us, those listed in the Bulletin: our military personnel, those who are ill, and those who have been called to their eternal reward.

Prays for a specific intention that a fellow parishioner may request through the “Prayer Request Card”.  Prayer Ministers receive “prayer alerts” when someone in our parish requests prayers in response to a specific need or emergency.

Prayerfully supports those who are preparing to receive the Sacraments

Integrates into their schedule a daily, weekly or monthly prayer commitment
Contact the Prayer Team Members  who are more than happy to answer your questions.

Jim DeVito, Phyllis Baker, Bonnie Garcia, France Kennedy, Beth Cestone, Charlotte Cole

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