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Califon, NJ

Most of us would like to improve our prayer life.  We tend to approach this challenge the way some of us would like to improve our golf game – we may buy a bunch of golf books, take lessons, and spend time on the driving range.  
When it comes to our spiritual life, there is no set regimen that will necessarily prepare us for the journey.  We have to be open to the Spirit who knows no limits.  A 13th Century Persian theologian, Rumi, makes this simple but profound statement:
“What you seek is seeking you.”
How then to prepare?  Here are some personal considerations in trying to enrich your prayer life:
  • DESIRE:  All things worth doing require desire – nothing will be accomplished  without it. 
  • TIME:  Decide how much time you can give to daily prayer.  Also, decide when and where you can pray based on your schedule and personal circumstances.  Do what works for you.
  • PATIENCE:  This is especially needed when you find it difficult to keep your commitment.  Let the Lord guide you, tell Him what you find challenging, and listen to His guidance. 
Remember, He is seeking us far more than we are seeking Him. 

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