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12 Teachable Moments for Parents
As parents we are always looking for opportunities to shape our
children---Tom McGrath offers 12 suggestions we can introduce
our daily conversations.
1.Jesus gives of himself freely. When your child is rude teach the dignity of every person.
2.When your child needs forgiveness, let your mercy teach that God longs to give mercy.
3.When your child is acting selfishly, demonstrate that followers of Jesus are kind and compassionate.
4.When your child is tempted to think of themselves as the center of the world, let your example of worship show our radical dependence on God who gives us life and sustains us.
5.When your child is tempted to feel worthless and unloved, let your unconditional love reveal your child’s true identity as a beloved son or daughter of God.
6.When your child stretches the truth, demonstrate a reverence for honesty that gives your child the courage to be honest.
7.When your child has doubts, let your example of “believing through your doubts strengthen your child’s tender faith.
8.When your child begins to believe only the worst about life, let your own hope radiate through your conversation
and choices so that hope will dawn in your child’s heart.
9.When your child suffers from envy, let your invitation to believe that God provides all we need heal your child’s wounded feelings.
10.When your child is fearful, teach that faith dissolves fear when we walk together with God.
11.When your child feels alone and lonely, introduce your child to the “communion of saints” the faithful living and dead that support and surround us throughout our days.
12.When your child acts as though material reality is all that matters or exists, make an extra effort to relate the deeper, spiritual person inside your child using music, film, stories, and service of others who are in need.

Have a restful and peaceful summer!

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