The Catholic Community  of St. John Neumann
A Christian Church of the Catholic Tradition
Califon, NJ

Prayer of the Faithful
These prayers are the intentions we pray for during Mass.                                  
We believe that God responds to faith-filled prayer. So let us cry out with confidence to God with the needs of our world.
For the church throughout the world, that we may grow in our willingness to be healed of whatever in our lives blinds us to the following of Christ; For civic leaders and nations to work together to make the world a home of peace and justice for all people;
For our parish family, that we may never discourage anyone from calling out to Jesus by word or action; For all who are blinded by fear and prejudice, that God will enlighten their hearts and help them recognize the value and dignity of each person,
For all those who work in healthcare to continue to be blessed in the healing ministry they do; For all who help others grow in faith, especially parents, catechists, and spiritual directors, that God will bless their efforts,
For all who are cut off from community by illness or weakness that we will reach out to them and connect with them through visits and prayers; for those recommended to our prayers especially Madeline Vigilante; for those in the military; for the names and intentions in this Book of Remembrance,
For those who have died especially Tom Rodenhi, Helen Hooper, Peter Abeles, Earl Carvatt, Marge Kugelman, and Rosalind Feskanin.
God of compassion, hear the prayers we offer this day. Give sight to your faithful people, and enable us to follow your Son, Jesus Christ, who is Lord for ever and ever.  Amen.
book of Remembrance Intentions
  • This book is located in the Narthex outside the Reconciliation Room, opposite to the worship space.             
  • Parishioners are invited to write their special prayer intentions here prior to Mass.
Book of the Dead
  • This book is located as you enter the Narthex on the right. 
  • Parishioners are invited to share the names of deceased friends and relatives.

Parish Prayer Intentions

Please Remember in your Prayers

  1. Captain Baumann, Katherine, U.S. Army HM Bullis, Christopher, U.S. Navy Private, Linzer, Matthew, U.S. Army Seaman, Linzer, Stephanie, U.S. Navy SR O'Leary, Thomas, U.S. Navy Captain Royal, Benjamin P., USMC Ensign Simila, Nicole, U.S. Navy
  2. Virgilio Alves Eugene Cifranic Jean Crickenberger John D'Almeida Vicky Davids Tino DeSantis Sophia DeVita Neil Ercolano Paul Ferri Gordon Furlong Sophie Geist Fred Holub Diane Jackson Frank Kostecki Lou Livoti Jan McLeavey Christine Meyer Evelyn Murray Fran Miceli Beau (Bernice) Mills Michael James Nonestied Mary Lou O'Brien Floyd Opdyke Linda Owens Nilsa Perez Parsons John Pfeufer Anne & Joe Sacco Noah Skinner Michael Slivka Julie Suplee Brian Travis Madeline S. Vigilanti William Weimer Josh Wilkes Caden Zane Jill Zane Joey Zieba
  3. Joseph Aulert uncle of Brandon Aulert Gary Bergmann husband of Kathleen and father of William and Annlee Helen Hooper parishioner of St. John Neumann Peter Abeles father of Dave Abeles Joseph A. Bambara friend of Janks Family Thomas Rodenhi parishioner of St. John Neumann Marge Kugelman mother of Nancy Cortese Earl Carvatt friend of the Fortenbackers Rosalind Feskanin parishioner of St. John Neumann Evan Murray high school student from area Bob Patterson friend of Pojedinecs and Statens Stephen Santangelo grandfather of Fran Ratsimor Edwin J. Biondo father of Jen Evanko Elizabeth Shack friend of Anne Germino Mary Nanna mother of Frank Nana Amelia Hemmer sister of Lou Eacovalle Sharyn Milko Leeper sister of Marlene Milko

our military

Those who are ill

those who have died

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