The Catholic Community  of St. John Neumann
A Christian Church of the Catholic Tradition
Califon, NJ

Pastor's weekly Writing


Dear Friends,
This weekend we have many celebrations. First of all it is the solemn feast of the Body and Blood of Christ – formerly known as ‘Corpus Christi’ – the greatest gift Jesus has bequeathed to us. When Church teaches us that the Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life" (Lumen Gentium, no. 11; cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1324), it means at least two things. First, that Christian spirituality flows from the Eucharist as its source, the way light streams forth from the sun. And second, that Christian spirituality is supremely realized in and ordered to the Eucharist as its summit or highpoint – that to which all of our actions should ultimately be directed. Thus our Sunday worship is of supreme importance for our life. Many parishes have revived the custom of Corpus Christi processions this day carrying the Blessed Sacrament through the streets, singing hymns of adoration and praise. Let us continue our practice of being enriched by the Eucharist each Sunday and then living its message in the world of our daily life.
      Second, we celebrate Father’s Day. Happy Feast to all Fathers! Having a good father is a gift of God’s grace. A good father is not afraid to show love, is patient, forgiving, funny and believes in his children. A good father leads by example and is present to help rear his offspring. In Scripture and in church, God is often called Father. Why? Is it so we can bring God down to our level of understanding, or is it to encourage our earthly fathers to live up to a higher standard? If it is the latter, men have some really big shoes to fill! Of course the Catechism teaches that God is neither male nor female (CCC no.239), and God’s grace and mercy go way beyond the goodness that any of our fathers can exhibit. Yet, let us be aware of and practice our need to thank God daily for our fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, and men friends.
       Third, today we honor our graduates. Our parish is blessed with graduates of different ages and degrees. The older graduates teach us one important truth: we need to keep on learning, because our whole life's an education. The younger ones will do well to keep in mind that their education has only just begun. All of us are in fact life-long students! Hence let us all be open and humble to accept more lessons from life. We congratulate all graduates and we want to celebrate their achievement and join their joy as we wish them God’s blessings. In addition, it is only fitting that the St. Joseph Knights of Columbus Council #10627 (some of our parishioners belong to this great worldwide organization of charity and witness to gospel life) is presenting the Joseph Labuta scholarship to three of our parish youth.
      Yes, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate today and so let us experience more of the joy of our parish life with Jesus who is the source of our joy.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Abraham Orapankal