The Catholic Community  of St. John Neumann
A Christian Church of the Catholic Tradition
Califon, NJ

Dear Friend,
Hearty Welcome to our parish website! I am proud as I thank God that we are an exceptionally welcoming and hospitable community! Ever since my arrival here as Pastor, I have never ceased to admire the way this parish has been nurtured as a lay-empowered community, where the parishioners live their baptismal consecration as the “People of God.”
People come to church for spiritual nourishment, to connect with the God of life. We promote a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who can enrich every aspect of our life. Our Sunday Mass is a special experience of God touching us. The friendly community spirit, prayerful celebration of the liturgy, lively music, engaging homily, periodic witness talks, frequent community coffee and fellowship – all these and more make the people go with a feeling that it is worth returning!
The Eucharist sends us forth to serve. Our commitment to social outreach is exemplary. Abundance of fresh produce from our unique Project Earth Garden is distributed to food pantries and soup kitchens. Volunteering is phenomenal because it has been done, not by a few, but by ALL parishioners!
Yes, we are truly “a jubilant people on a continuing spiritual journey of hope” and so we invite you and your family to experience our joy and excitement, to see for yourselves our reputation as a friendly and caring fellowship. Come and worship with us. If you are looking for a church to call home, you have arrived at the right place! Enjoy surfing our site!
Your brother in Christ,
Fr. Abraham Orapankal

Pastor's welcome